Below is our complete range of specifications for D49 wrapping mesh.

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Sizes & Weights

BS REF Mesh sizes Cross sect area per Nominal Weight Sheets per Sheets Weight
nominal pitch of wires Wire Sizes metre width MP tonne
main mm cross mm main mm cross mm main mm2 cross mm2 kg
Wrapping mesh fabric
D49 100 100 2.5 2.5 49 49 0.77 112.7 8.87

Reinforced steel wrapping mesh is used in the construction industry to give strength to concrete. It is commonly applied to walls, slabs, driveways, and floors. We stock a large range of steel products for every kind of construction project.

All our mesh products are made from high-quality steel and come from trusted manufacturers. Here at Steel Reinforcement Supplies, we provide competitive prices and excellent customer service. We want to give our customers 100% satisfaction with products, prices, and service.

You can order reinforced steel wrapping mesh for your building project in various weights and sizes. Whether it’s a large or small quantity you can email us for a free quote or give us a call to place an order. Ring us if you can’t see what you want, and we’ll try to get it for you.

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