Steel reinforcing bar

Rebar – all weights and sizes. If you don’t see the bar size you require on the chart below, please contact us for a bespoke order.


Bar Size (mm) Dims (Max O/A mm) Mass (Kg per m) Metres per tonne
8 10 0.395 2531
10 12 0.616 2531
12 14 0.888 1126
16 19 1.579 633
20 23 2.466 405
25 29 3.854 259
32 37 6.313 158
40 46 9.864 101

Steel reinforcing bar, also known as rebar, is a commonly used steel bar in the construction industry. Rebar works as a tensioning device to reinforce concrete in buildings and other masonry structures to keep the concrete in a compressed state. On its own, concrete has strength in compression but lacks tension strength. Rebar is cast into concrete slab to carry the tensile loads, which compensates for imbalance.

Rebar prices can fluctuate widely, but we strive to keep our prices predictable and stable. We provide concrete frame and formwork contractors with a reliable source for steel reinforcing bar is our mission and the key to our success.

We offer daily delivery throughout London, East Anglia, Kent, Essex, Surry, Oxford, and the South-east. Our HIAB crane trucks can pick your bar and wire mesh up and put it right where you need it.


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